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articles on simulating and simulating uncertainty Uncertainty in Probability Colloquium EMC Category:Probability theory Category:Statistical modelsIdentification and partial characterization of three new polymorphic enzymes of the human blood-group system Kx/a. Fifty-five cord blood samples from normal healthy newborns were tested for three new polymorphic enzymes of the Kell blood-group system (KEL-2, KEL-3 and KEL-4). Results showed that KEL-3 was the most prevalent allele, found in 44 of 45 blood samples tested. Serologically KEL-2 was observed in seven samples, and KEL-4 was found in the remaining eight. In the gel analysis of KEL-3 and KEL-4, three electrophoretic variants were observed: KEL-3*1, KEL-3*2 and KEL-4*1, which were clearly separated from each other. KEL-3*2 was the most prevalent variant. All three variants were present in only one blood sample. In the present study, all three alleles were detected in the newborn, and no allele was seen in the paternal grandparents. Analysis of the data obtained from normal newborns indicated that a new restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) was present on chromosome 2. Restriction enzyme analysis of lymphoblast DNA of a single donor showed only the KEL-3*1 and KEL-4*1 variants.Use of the acridine-orange-stain test and pentamidine-indicator technique in leishmaniasis. The reliability of the fluorescence microscopic method in the identification of Leishmania donovani is critically discussed. The standard acridine-orange-stain test may yield false-negative results. The fluorescence microscopy-system with KOH-treatment of the skin specimen had a sensitivity of only 44.4%, whereas the sensitivity of the acridine-orange-stain test in patients who were previously treated with pentamidine was 69.2%. A case in which the patient was treated with liposomal amphotericin was also demonstrated.Oliver M. Allen House The Oliver M. Allen House is a historic house located at 503 Somerset Street in Kingston, Massachusetts. It was the home of Kingston High School bandmaster Oliver M. Allen from 1899 until his death in 1918. It was added to the



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